Planning to write everyday

From today on I have a plan to write at least one blog post a day. Why? I think what writing do to mind is like what gym or exercise do to muscle, it trains it to be strong, in the case of writing it trains the mind to be creative, to be more sharp.

So I plan to write everyday with every topic I interested at the moment. I myself is a blogger from long ago but at one point I stop for silly reason.

I start writing only when I was 17 years old in high school. my main reason to write is because I need to make money, I am as poor as you can imagine at that time even though today I still poor but at that time I am so poor that make me think hard on how I can make money on internet.

long story short in 2016 onward I successfully making money on internet with my own blog and adsense ads. in the late 2018 my revenue from blog is enough to sustain my monthly cost. at that time the money I got can be called passive income because I dont need to write anything but the money is still flowing every month to my bank account.

This make me lazy and cut off the reason to write. why you need to write when the money keep flowing. Like most people, I take the path of least resistance. I stop writing and that time I take up new hobby to fill my time

That hobby is being lazy, doing nothing and consuming content on internet. This habits ruin everything in my life. this period last for a long time, the time while I suppose to be productive and put all my time on my effort on creating a base for my future life, I just wasted it.

Oh regret






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