Stop Consuming Internet Junk Food

Carbs is good, Protein is good, Fat is good, Vitamin is good, mineral is good. All of above is good because to be alive we need all of them.

But the catch is that too much of them actually cause bad things, too much of them cause sickness, cause disorder. That is why we need to limit them, we need to make sure we only consume what we need, what our body need.

Everybody pass age of 14 probably know that when you over consume, you will be fat and you will be sick

But ever you wonder, it is not only your mouth that can consume something, your brain can too.

While your mouth and stomach consume food, your brain consume information, content, entertaiment.

every content that you consume on the internet will have impact on youself, on your mind.

When you consume negative content, your mind will influence by it. before you know it, your world view will be based on anything you see repeatedly even though it sometime don’t reflect or based on truth.

or other example is when you will see someone on internet who like to show-off their wealth, drive luxury card, having big house or anything similar, I don’t say it is bad, little dose of it actually good to motivate you to achieve greatness but too much, too often, watching this kind of content is sure way to make you will have unrealistic expectation, reduce your humility and increase your flexing desire. That is not good and you will be better-off avoiding it.

Social Media is one of the things I really want to avoid, and I hope I can completely stay away from it

For me personally, the destruction that social media bring to my personal life outweighs any benefit it has.

Not only to my personal life, I see on the world, it is more of the bad things that social media produce than good things.

I sometime imagine the year before 2010 is perfect time while internet already exist but a lot of people don’t get hook on in and not many people know about social media.






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