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  • Abandoning My Own Mind

    When I was young I think my mind worked better, my curiosity was at full speed, my mind was very creative. When I was probably 6 or 7 years old, I got a book, I don’t know from whom, but the book was about astronomy. I read it, even though at that time I didn’t […]

  • Stop Consuming Internet Junk Food

    Carbs is good, Protein is good, Fat is good, Vitamin is good, mineral is good. All of above is good because to be alive we need all of them. But the catch is that too much of them actually cause bad things, too much of them cause sickness, cause disorder. That is why we need […]

  • Trying to be frugal or Simple Again

    Wasting money is no good, Sometime I envy my younger self when I don’t have money to be wasted but I feel more alive back then. I am in no way rich right now but I can buy any food I want or other things I want to have but it feel hollow and leads […]

  • Strange place

    I don’t know god plan but I think there is a reason why he puts me on current situation. I think I will give up but there is nothing to live for if I give up now. I am going to battle, I am going to enemy territory, to enemy land, my ship has been […]

  • Planning to write everyday

    From today on I have a plan to write at least one blog post a day. Why? I think what writing do to mind is like what gym or exercise do to muscle, it trains it to be strong, in the case of writing it trains the mind to be creative, to be more sharp. […]