Trying to be frugal or Simple Again

Wasting money is no good, Sometime I envy my younger self when I don’t have money to be wasted but I feel more alive back then. I am in no way rich right now but I can buy any food I want or other things I want to have but it feel hollow and leads to bad habits, destructive one.

I buy things I don’t need, sometime I think I lack something in my life and trying to substitute it, I cope with buying or consuming till sick

I am not again money coz it just tools it is nor good or evil, it just tools, like knife it can be use for good (cooking) or bad (killing other). Having money can free us from something we don’t want. it is one of way to free our time to do what we like

Money or wealth is not something to be status symbol, a lot of people use their wealth as their status symbol. for me it is not good, even though most of us probably have default setting on our mind that wealth we have is status symbol, I am even today sometime act this way, If I have something nicer than anybody, have more wealth or something like that, I probably try to show it to other people.

It is all just vanity right? people you show probably does not care that much. lets say when you flex something on social media where all your friends, family and other who know you there. There are 3 probability that came from it

  1. Some people react positive to your flex
  2. Some people just dont really care, they may saw it and said cool and then forget about it
  3. the bad one, some people may envy you or cause negative feeling in them that make them secretly hate you for that

the first scenarios probably consist of your family or close friend who react positively to anything Post on social media. or probably some girl/men who had crush on you. This scenario probably we think when we try to flex anything on social media, we want this, we want positive feeling from others, we want they admire us, we want them to thinking about us, we want them to recognize our existence, it is good feeling to feel as a human

Second scenario probably the majority of people who saw your post on social media, they may see it and like it for 5 second before they continue their scrolling and go for their life. we sometime thinking everyone probably thinking about us, most of the time everyone is just like us, they think about themselves, no time to think about others

Third scenario probably the least we want, if you post something especially if you trying to show wealth, accomplishments or any good things in your life either the intention to flex or not you will probably arouse some envy from other or even hate. that is human nature, you can’t control that, you can’t control what other feeling about you, the more you flex, the higher chance you arouse the negative feeling of other

But any scenario happen it is just really vanity, why we want to show every piece of our life to other? isn’t it foolish? for what? why?

it is for feeling good right? it is so human nature

me? yeah I sometime do that

will I stop?

Idk probably not in near future






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